Raleigh Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes continue to develop and evolve at every switchback. Our passion for the dirt has pushed us to develop our strongest line of Mountain Bikes ever, that is highlighted by our introduction of 2 new Full Suspension models.

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The continued growth of our off-road business remains a high priority. An exciting year with the introduction of our Skarn suspension platform and all-new Talus 27.5” bikes. Once again, we went through every detail of our cross-country bikes and made improvements to all of them. 2015 marks another jump forward.

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Variety is something to be embraced while riding off-road. Berms, roots, rocks, jumps, and flow are all common things found on today’s newer bike-specific trails. Why not have a hardtail that is made for taming trails, not your riding? These bikes were created to be more than your average hardtail. Versatile, aggressive and playful, they could practically do skids, wheelies and jumps on their own.

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