Raleigh Road Bikes

125 years ago, roads were not what they are now. They were unforgiving and cobbled. Most roads then were nothing more than dirt paths that were rutted out from horse buggy wheels. This is when we started making road bikes.

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[su_tab title=”Raleigh Competition Road Bikes”] raleigh-bicycles-road-competition-Militis3
Racing pure and simple. High speed and high risk. These are the bikes that inspire the confidence to push yourself a little faster and a little further than you’re sometimes comfortable with.

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[su_tab title=”Raleigh Endurance Road Bikes”] raleigh-bicycles-road-endurance-RevenioCarbon4
This is the result when a bike is constructed with the best materials, and designed to optimize the most important component of a bike…the riders.

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[su_tab title=”Raleigh Heritage Steel Road Bikes”] raleigh-bicycles-road-heritage-steel-GrandPrix
This is where it all began.This is our Past, our Present, and our Future. Raleigh took a simple passion and turned it into 127 years of legacy. It is the bikes we make today that will live on to see future generations discover a simple two wheeled machine and continue the love affair we’ve had with them since 1887.

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[su_tab title=”Raleigh Cyclocross Road Bikes”] raleigh-bicycles-cyclocross-cyclocross-RXCPro
Perhaps our favorite discipline. Nothing compares to pegging yourself full gas for 60 minutes on a course that is constantly changing underneath your tires. Every lap a new line. Every lap a new heckle. Every lap a different muddy grin.

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[su_tab title=”Raleigh Gravel Road Bikes”] raleigh-bicycles-road-gravel-Tamland
The tools to take you where you want to go, whenever you want to go there. Not afraid of pothole strewn alleys or viaducts and totally at home on long lonely farm roads in North Dakota. It’s up to you when you hit the Dead End sign whether you’ll trust your Garmin, or your gut.

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[su_tab title=”Raleigh Fitness Road Bikes”] raleigh-bicycles-road-fitness-Cadent3
Combining the speed and agility of a road bike with the comfortable, upright riding position of a hybrid bike, the Cadent and Alysa are the perfect everyday sport bikes. The core purpose of these bikes is to be fun, fast, and stylish. Whether it be commuting, supporting an event ride, or even just casually riding, they will keep you comfortable without sacrificing performance.

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[su_tab title=”Raleigh Track Road Bikes”] raleigh-bicycles-road-track-racer
No longer confined to the banked walls of the velodromes. Track bikes have jumped the walls and found themselves in the rough and unforgiving city streets. Get on, strap in and hold on…you’re in for a ride like nothing else out there.

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